Will you soon be able to unlock your iPhone and iPad with a mouth nose mask?

Without wanting to start a discussion about the (non) sense of mouth nose masks, it is clear that we are not finished with that for the time being. The developers of Apple have now realized this. The latest, currently still a developer beta, version of iOS, 15.4, includes a setting that makes it possible to unlock your Apple device via FaceID without having to take off your mouth nose mask.

Not very safe
The option, which you can turn on and off yourself, warns that unlocking with a mouth and nose mask may not be as safe as if you don’t have a cap that covers your mouth and nose. If you wear a face mask, FaceID can only check your identity on the basis of the unique characteristics of and around your eyes. To configure FaceID for use, you have to take off the mouth cap.

Not for all iPhones and iPads
Although this feature, and iOS 15.4, are still in the developer beta stage, it has already been reported that FaceID Mouth Nose Mask unlock will not work on all iPhones and iPads that will soon be suitable for the latest iOS version. As far as we know, it would only work on the iPhone 12 and 13 models.

It is not yet known which iPads can be unlocked without taking off your mouth nose mask. In any case, it does not work on the iPad Pro from 2018, according to one of the beta users of 9to5 Mac.

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